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Ailish Ní Bhraonáin, warum braucht es eine grundlegend neue Drogenpolitik?

It is clear that the current model of drug policy is not working. Drugs are still widely available and widely used across Germany, and across the world, and it is demonstrable that no amount of prohibitive policies will be able to change this. It is time instead we focus on reducing the harm associated with drug use within our society. It is time we take on an approach to drug policy which focuses on upholding the health and human rights of people who use drugs. It is time we put a stop to arrests for non-​violent drug crimes, saving lives in the process and ensuring people who use drugs do not get needlessly associated with criminality. It is time we allow people to make decisions regarding their own personal health and wellbeing by giving them the necessary information and tools to reduce the harm caused to them by using drugs. It is time for a new approach to drug policy.“

– Executive Director, Youth RISE
– Erstunterzeichnerin der Petition für eine grundlegend neue Drogenpolitik