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Twitter-​Bot: Views on Drugs

Global views on public health, human rights & research involving: #harmreduction, #drugpolicy & #psychedelicscience – A project by Francisco Arcila and Philine Edbauer English /​​ Español /​​ Deutsch Views on Drugs (@ViewsOnDrugsBot) is the #mybrainmychoice Twitter bot that automatically tweets scientific articles and retweets expert opinions on public health, human rights, and risk and harm reduction topics related to global drug research and policy. The bot is a fluid open source project in constant development: A global distribution list Through a carefully curated distribution list of Twitter accounts of international people and organizations, the bot selects tweets to retweet based on certain parameters defined in the code. For example, recent posts that include keywords such as ‘drug policy’ or ‘harm reduction’ are considered after applying some tweet quality filters. This is done based on the Twitter automation rules. Before their addition to the distribution list, individuals with personal accounts are contacted to obtain their authorization. Additionally, the bot posts scientific articles from indexed journals included in PubMed searches. A public code Following open science guidelines, the bot’s code is hosted in a public GitHub repository. Any comment or suggestion can be made through a pull request, the creation of an issue or by contacting the author directly. A project on knowledge reproduction Our goal is to build a tool that is useful globally. Therefore, we try not to simply reproduce the global imbalance in the production and dissemination of knowledge, but to improve the code and the distribution list in a way that counteracts it. We will assess how well we succeed, and what lessons we can learn and share after a few months. The developers The bot started as a #mybrainmychoice project in January 2021 and has been conceptually developed since then. Francisco Arcila grew up in Colombia in an environment influenced by the suffering and injustice caused by the war on drugs. Colombia has lived through a government-​​led anti-​​drug strategy that resulted in the death and disappearance of 6,402 innocent, low-​​income youth between the years 2002 and 2008, next to countless other human rights violations that are the direct consequence of the illegality of certain substances. Worldwide, scientific advances intrinsically related to different forms of suffering have been hampered. For these reasons, today, Francisco is involved in several projects aligned in favor of the legalization and regulation of all substances, as well as the destigmatization of users, whether with problematic patterns or not. After studying biology in Colombia and Germany, he now works as a data scientist at Leuphana University in Lüneburg. Philine Edbauer, co-​​founder of #mybrainmychoice, is studying for a master’s degree in Area Studies at Humboldt University Berlin, as a part of which she is involved with the decolonization of knowledge production. A warm thank you to Youth RISE for providing valuable feedback during the initial phase of development! Youth RISE is an internationally connected youth organization that advocates for harm reduction and human rights in drug policy. Also, many thanks to Amy Romanello from SSDP Berlin…